Thursday, April 21, 2005

You Were the First One (Oh, Oh) You Were the Last one, Video Killed the Radio Butt

10 Random Observations:

1) The OC continues to rock. The dude who they brought in to edit Newport Living was wasted in his open air living room wearing a Husker Du t-shirt and listening to the Pixies "Debaser." Ryan however, has been a little weak in relation to his bro. Come on, Chino, the Cohens gave you a chance.

2) Katie and I have been cooking like hella well recently. Mad props to Katie's experimentation with non-traditional Katie food. We ended last week with a sundried tomato and lemon bowtie pasta and last night enjoyed a spinach and goat cheese stuffed chicken and pan glaze with mashed butternut squash and zuchinni spoonbread. All around very yummy.

3) Hippo has been really playful, but I think she is mad at me, since I went all APK on the bit and stepped on her toy. I am going to buy her a new one along with a scratching post, since we decided not to get her declawed. The observation here being, our cat is the cutest. End of story.

4) We had thai food in Rochester this past weekend and I don't think I had a chance for curry since I've been in St. Paul. Thai food in Buffalo sucks and is practically non-existent. The place in Rochester is right by the house that we conceivably pay rent for. Much better deal.

5) The internet is developing into the "other cable tv" that I have always believed it should be. Gordie has the package and while I would never pay 100 bucks to watch baseball, the picture quality and speed is incredible. Why NFL? Why? Katie also watches internet talk shows specific to her fave reality shows, including House Rules for Big Brother and Survivor Live. Loves it.

6) Spring is awesome. Its beautiful here and has been pretty much solidly for a week. Sunshine in Bufalo is like prison moonshine: you don't get it all that often, but enough of it makes you forget the general assiness around you.

7) Playing catch (hehehehehe): when I was young I threw the baseball around for hours all summer, pretty much everyday. I haven't played catch in prolly 8 years, but I think a baseball glove would be a sweet investment. See the weather section above.

8) Toblerone appears to have the market for 3-d traingle shaped chocolate bars cornered. If I worked at M+M/Mars I would get on top of it before things were completely out of hand. What if our mouths evolve into a traingle shape? Snickers won't satisfy so much at that point will it now.

9) The NFL draft is so cool. It signals that the offseason is half over. I'm not extremely excited about the Pack prospects, but its fun overall. I think there are 4 stand out players and then alot of quality talent that could be either a bust or a ridiculous steal between the 5th pick and the 50th. Not to mention that there is a kicker who good legitimately be a first rounder. Maybe he's no Janikowski, but quality nonetheless.

10) Popular Mechanics is the most oxymoronic periodical title around. In second is the Wall Street Journal.



Wednesday, April 06, 2005

So I Cried, and I Begged, For You To, Love Me Love Me, Say that You Love Butt

Buffalo seems to have actually decided that it is officially spring. I was talking with my Grandfather on Easter and he officially told me that it would snow at least a couple more times and he was dead on. More specifically, last thursday night, as we were transferring from March to April, and Katie officially pronounced herself ready for summer (and accordingly traded in the comforter for the quilt, opened the windows, and generally rejoiced in springiness), it got frickin freezing and started snowing like an ass. There was prolly an inch on my car the next morning and it continued all that day, picking up into Saturday afternoon. It wasn't quite cold enough during the whole day to keep all the accumulation and it would occassionally switch from snow to rain and such, melting and producing hideous Buffalo slush.

We went to the mall on Saturday (too late, unfortunately to see the owls) and Katie bought some stuff and then got a very pretty haircut (pictures to come soon-ish). I note first that it is a very pretty haircut and secondly that it is very dramatic, much shorter than it has been in a long while and very well crafted. Its a high quality haircut, without question. In third place, I note that this haircut took, and I shit you not here, in the area of 1 1/2 hours. We were at a joint in the mall, so I went to find a restroom and make a phone call while Katie took care of the follicle-snippage and when I returned 25 minutes later I was initially worried that she would have already been done for a while. She was not, so I took a seat at a bench nearby and waited. And waited. An hour later she got out of the chair. I seriously did not think that an hour and half was a possible length for a haircut. You can get highlights and a haircut in an hour. I could have watched almost the entirety of Coneheads the movie in the time this haircut took. I could have literally driven home from the mall, watched an episode of Good Eats, enjoyed a sandwich, and driven back with time to spare. If there is any haircut that is worth an hour and a half this is it, but that said, I get pissy if it takes me more than 20 minutes to get in and get out of Fantasic Sams. I would just buy a SuckCut (it certainly does suck) if they weren't like 50 buck.

Our drive home from the mall was long, cuz it had been snowing like the author of Oliver Twist during the world's longest haircut. We got home and watched the bball that had originally inspired the mall trip itself and it was enjoyable and so forth. We went to sleep as it was still snowing and of course got approximately 60 minutes less sleep than we deserved thanks to the assclowns who put daylight savings at 2 in the morning instead of like 4 on Tuesday afternoon. Regardless, it was still snowing and it didn't show signs of stopping. Not only had I neglected the corn for popping, I had a meeting downtown that afternoon and was meeting up with some prospective UB CompLit students afterwards. I was more than a bit nervous about the whole proceeding, largely because I don't really know shit about Buffalo itself, and I would imagine that I come off as a general wad to people who don't already know me. Anyway, the editing went as planned, Katie got the opportunity to make a return trip to the Walden Galleria, and we made a number of restauranting screw ups before we finally got to a trendy joint called the Left Bank. We of course hadn't realized that UB was picking up the tab on dinner, at least the tab that wasn't alcoholicly inclined.

We actually had a pretty decent time at that dinner. Not only was the food pretty good (I had a tasty dish of medallions of tenderloin with a red wine reduction on chevre mashed taters) but we actually had an entertaining conversation and what I hope was some form of assistance to the three prospective grad students in attendance. It was kinda weird, both because I don't usually have dinner with people I don't know, and because these people all took the whole getting into grad school thing much more seriously than I ever did. By that I mean they had all gotten into a bunch of different places, were comparing offers etc. I only bothered applying to Buffalo and the U when I went about it and I suppose I wasn't entirely convinced that it was what I needed to do at that time. Regardless, I think I delivered a pretty good sell for UB, even if we are, apparently, losing one of our biggest draws in Ernesto Laclau. Anywho, we came home around 11:00ish after a 2 1/2 hour meal, which was pretty intense. My estimate is that I spent more time out doing social shitty last weekend then I have in any other weekend of my life in Buffalo. You can see that as either really sad re: my life in general or as really sad re: my last weekend. Either way I was tired.

Hippo has been really enjoying the nice weather, specifically sitting at the now slightly open window. Its her first experience allowing the breeze to tickle her whiskers and the fresh air seems to do a kitten good. If only we had a patio and a grill, we could sit out under the stars and cue up some Kitty Chow kabobs.